"Dancing With The Stars" pro Maks Chmerkovskiy suffered an injury to his calf that prevented him from joining his partner Heather Morris on the dance floor last week. Now fans are wondering if Maks will be back and, if not, does Heather have a chance at winning the Season 24 Mirrorball trophy with her new partner Alan Bernstein?

Of course, Alan is just filling in for Maks until he comes back, but there is the possibility that Heather could get eliminated before he has recovered. Although Buddy TV has confirmed that Maks won't be dancing on Week 3 (April 3), the pro is confident that he will make a comeback and he has one goal in mind — winning the Mirrorball trophy.

Maks talks about his surgery

While Heather was practicing her Week 3 "Vegas Night" routine with Alan, Maks called in via Skype to talk about his surgery. Although he won't return for Week 3, he revealed that the type of operation he had may speed up the healing process.

"They extracted some of my bone marrow stem cells, made a concentrate out of that, mixed it with my plasma-rich protein," Maks explained via Skype. He went on to say that the liquid is injected into his calf muscle and "fills in little cracks and anything that is torn." The tissue then starts to heal from the inside and speeds up the recovery time.

Heather may dance with Maks again

Although he won't be back for Week 3, it's not clear exactly when his calf injury will be healed enough to allow him to dance, Maks is confident that he will make a comeback on this season of "Dancing with the Stars."

And for any of the other celebrities who are doing their best to move forward in the competition, they shouldn't count Maks out just yet.

Once he is able to start rehearsing again with Heather, his focus will be on winning.

During his Skype call, ohe told Heather that he feels like they have a chance and he intends to give "150 percent effort" when he gets the go-ahead to return to the ballroom.

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