Corinne Olympios was so dominant during Season 21 of "The Bachelor" that she's almost more famous than the bachelor himself, Nick Viall. She became a pretty popular villain for the ABC hit and even though Corinne didn't win that final rose, fans are waiting to see more of her in upcoming projects.

Will Corinne Olympios be on 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

Everyone wants to know if Corrine Olympios will be joining Season 4 of "Bachelor In Paradise" this summer. It seems a likely next step for the reality star. It also would be interesting to see the troublemaker competing for roses again, this time vying for the affection of a man who isn't Nick Viall.

Previously, Corinne has teased about her possible "Bachelor In Paradise" appearance, telling fans that she doesn't know or that it's too early to tell. However, Corinne recently admitted to E! News when they asked about the possibility of another "Bachelor" show with Corinne Olympios as a contestant, "Most likely, yes."

There is one possible problem with having Corinne compete for love again. According to reports, last season's "Bachelor" villain currently has a boyfriend and according to Corinne, they've been together "for a long time." Despite their secretively lengthy courtship, Corinne refuses to reveal the identity of her main man.

Why was Corinne hated on 'The Bachelor'?

When Corinne Olympios debuted on the last season of "The Bachelor," she came in like a thunderbolt.

The perky blonde made it clear from day 1 that she didn't care what the TV audience or her fellow rose-seeking contestants thought of her.

From the beginning, Corinne shed her clothes and skinny dipped with Nick Viall. There were also reports that she was sleeping with him early on in the competition as well.

As if Corinne's "Bachelor" antics weren't enough, fans seemed to love to hate her due to her home life too.

Corinne comes from a rather wealthy family and at 24-years old, admitted that she still lives at home and that her childhood nanny is still employed to take care of her. As in, a grown woman has a nanny who cooks her meals and cleans up after her. When Nick Viall learned about this, he was curious if he got to bring the nanny along should he offer up the final rose and proposal to Corinne.

He'll never find that out, though, because Nick ended up eliminating Corinne Olympios after she made it to the top three and is currently engaged to the winner, Vanessa Grimaldi.

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