Corinne Olympios generated a lot of buzz during her time on Nick Viall's season of “The Bachelor” and the buzz has continued despite her elimination. Rumors have been swirling that she is engaged to someone she had been dating all along, despite being on the ABC dating show, and now it looks like she's trying to set the record straight. What's the scoop?

Olympios denies engagement rumors

A lot of franchise fans figured that Corinne Olympios would end up joining Season 4 of “Bachelor in Paradise” this summer, and villain Chad Johnson had indicated that he was quite hopeful that she would be there.

Chad is returning this summer and seemingly had an interest in Corinne. However, word then emerged that the Nick Viall castoff was engaged to a longtime boyfriend, with the word on this one coming from a former fling of Olympios' who apparently is an aspiring actor named Keith Berman.

As Us Weekly shares, Berman spoke out and said that the rumors about Corinne being engaged to her longtime on-and-off boyfriend were true, but that she wanted to keep it all under wraps. Olympios told the magazine that the rumors of an engagement were not true and she added that she was still single and interested in doing “Bachelor in Paradise” this summer.

Corinne may not be available for 'Paradise' after all

Olympios has also connected with E!

Online and Corinne has told them that she is not engaged and that Berman is lying just to get attention. Interestingly, the Nick Viall cast-off told them that she is actually seeing someone now, but that it's still early on in the relationship and she noted that her new man is not someone in the public eye. Corinne has also said that she is moving to Los Angeles soon, but not for her new man.

The ex-"Bachelor" contestant threatened that she'll be getting a lawyer involved in this dispute with Berman because she feels that he's damaging her brand and reputation.

Will Olympios' new relationship last long enough to keep her off of “Bachelor in Paradise” or could she still end up heading to Mexico to look for love? Is this ex-fling making up stories about Corinne's love life or is she trying to cover up the truth to protect her image?

Nick Viall's final rose may not be going to Corinne Olympios, but she is managing to generate plenty of buzz among “Bachelor” fans anyway and many hope that she'll be back to shake things up this summer.