chloe lukasiak’s fame continues to rise after being famous in “Dance Moms.” With a new upcoming memoir and still dancing for the reality television series, she now has an upcoming web series with Lifetime.

Titled “Chloe Doest It,” she invites her fans to give suggestions as they follow her life. She, too, will be tackling her other life events. The 15-year-old star also had a new movie with Bailee Madison called “A Cowgirl’s Story.”

Chloe and Bailee’s new film

The film just got released on DVD on April 18, and it talked about the life the teenagers are going through with a touch of athleticism.

From the young ones' problems with their family, parents, and friends, it would be all featured in “A Cowgirl’s Story.” Plus the girls’ real bond with their horses that would touch the viewers.

The film is about Dusty Rhodes (Bailee), whose mother is fighting in Afghanistan, and her new friend Savannah Stocker (Chloe), whose dad got killed in Iraq. As they both understand each other, they asked their school to start an equestrian drill team along with their other friends. From here, they hope that this could help a lot of them to deal with the everyday problems they have.

Talking about movie’s production

Evidently, “A Cowgirl’s Story” has a heavy plotline about family. And as Bailee looks up to Chloe, the latter talked about watching the audition tapes for a long while before she finally contacted the “Dance Moms” star.

The 17-year-old actress also called her other pal Aidan Alexander to join them in the movie.

The “Bridge to Terabithia” star revealed to J14 that after three or four weeks, they still haven’t found their characters yet. Hence, she started thinking of the people close to her and the one she looks up to the business and there came along Chloe and Aidan.

Bailey also boasted that she is proud of her friends and even described them as the best ones to play their respective roles. She also added that they were all there to work seriously and put their very best to make the film more beautiful.

She has nothing but sweet words for them, describing them as kind and respectful. They, too, are very vocal to share their ideas.

Thus the movie became collaborative and a hard-work of everyone. Chloe, on the other hand, has the same words for Bailee.

Although the young television personality didn’t know the “Just Go with It” star, she has the same feelings for her. In fact, they become close friends in an instant, and the bond they have on screen is real.