For all the Bruce Springsteen fans out there, the singing sensation has penned his new rhythm and any guesses on who the inspiration is? Well, it is none other than the President of United States, Donald Trump. Springsteen along with his longtime friend Joe Grushecky penned down the anti-Trump anthem. He was inspired by Grushecky to write down the lyrics as a sign of protest after Trump was accused of making fun of a disabled reporter.

Bruce’s protest song

That’s What Makes Us Great” is the title of the song, penned by the duo. Joe, who is known for this work with the Houserockers, shared that he had written the song after Trump took office in January 2017.

The song reflects antagonistic sentiments, and the lyrics may offend some sensibilities.

Joe shared that he had the song penned down and the two had been discussing it as well. He sent the song to Bruce and asked him his thought on singing the same. Bruce agreed to be on board and brought his own element to the song.

Both Grushecky and Springsteen jotted down the track digitally, with Bruce e-mailing Joe the needed lyrics from his side. The lyrics of the song clearly show the not-so-positive feelings toward Trump. When asked the main reason behind this song, Grushecky stated that it was the incident when Trump made fun of a disabled reporter, which offended him immensely. However, if one listens to the song, they would understand that the lyrics are based on the administrative methods of the President.

Springsteen supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, during her final days before the results. His interview with the “Rolling Stone” where he expressed his views on Trump was a popular one and was trending for two weeks. Both Bruce and Joe had been friends since the time they first collaborated in 1995 when Grushecky’s first album was released.

The duo is back together eight years after their last collaboration in 2009 on the “East Carson Street” album.

The song: what does it say

The Protest Song expresses that people do not need to hear lies being packages as the gospel truth. It takes digs at Trump and says “don’t you brag to me” hinting at the speculation that he is unable to read correctly.

The song elaborates on the sentiment that the singer does not repose faith in “a con man.”

“That’s What Makes Us Great” made its debut on E Street Radio Station, on Wednesday, April 19. It is available for purchase on Grushecky’s website. The song is also there on iTunes and will be released on various other streaming services as well. It remains to be seen how the song performs on the charts.