Modern rock and roll icon Bruce Springsteen is well known for his songs about social change and other important matters. He’s been dubbed a political crusader by fans and critics nationwide, and as time’s gone by, the political mentality of his music has only gotten stronger. The turbulent political climate of late has certainly paved the way for music such as Springsteen’s. Given all this, it comes as no surprise that the artist would have some strong words to say about our soon-to-be president, Donald Trump.

Springsteen's words are harsh

Springsteen recently appeared alongside Marc Maron on an episode of the "WTF" podcast, where he dove into detail discussing his feelings regarding the incoming president.

While he acknowledged that he was no stranger to feelings of disgust, he noted that nothing he had ever experienced compared to how he felt about the prospect of a Trump presidency.

The rocker raised some excellent points regarding Trump, calling his competence into question. These are definitely the questions we should be asking as he prepares to take office. This was not the firs time that Springsteen spoke out against him. Prior to the election, back in October, he appeared on "Channel 4 News" in the U.K and discussed Trump, describing him as “toxic” and “a narcissist,” implying that he feared the amount of support that the Republican nominee was receiving. He also added that he thought Trump was going to make as big of a mess as he could.

Not the first time he's spoken out against Trump

During his appearance on "WTF," Springsteen again touched on the points raised in his earlier interview. It was clear that he understood how Trump won the election, but he also knew just how much was a stake and expressed considerable concern. The comparison he drew was of a genie being let out of a bottle, adding that like a genie, the bigotry and racism that Trump was preaching would not be so easily to force back into the metaphorical bottle from which it came.

He went to call the intolerant ways of Trump supporters “un-America,” since they have often been fueled by hatred and racism. Springsteen’s words certainly struck a familiar chord. His greatest fear, he noted, was that actions such as these would find a place in our everyday society.

He's not giving up, though

Make no mistake, though; Springsteen isn’t about to surrender.

“America is still America,” he noted, adding that he still believed in its ideals and would do his best to continue maintaining them, no matter how small his part in it is. It looks like there is a reason this man is known as The Boss. Given all this, it seems safe to say that Springsteen will not be among the musicians performing at Trump’s upcoming inauguration.