There has been a lot of drama lately within “Bachelor Nation” and a new, juicy situation just hit the Internet. Gossip guru Reality Steve teases that he's got plenty of information on the way regarding the Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton drama that has had people talking, but his latest blog post details some juicy stuff with former “Bachelorette” contestant Luke Pell, and Pell didn't take long to respond. What's the scoop?

Reality Steve is calling out Luke Pell

Most “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” fans know that Luke Pell expected to be named the lead for Season 21, but he was dumped at the last minute and Nick Viall got the gig instead.

At the time, host Chris Harrison commented essentially that the show felt that Nick was more sincere than Luke, and now it looks like fans can get a sense of why that might be.

While Reality Steve lays out the situation in addictive detail, the buzz is that Pell was involved with more than one woman whom he led to believe he would have join his “Bachelor” season as a contestant and then he'd pick her in the end and get engaged to her. The women drawn into this scheme allegedly include former “Bachelor” contestant Jubilee Sharpe, and the multiple ladies he is said to have played since he was on “The Bachelorette” last year are starting to speak out.

The almost-'Bachelor' star is lashing out

It looks like Pell isn't happy about being the topic of conversation in Reality Steve's latest blog post, however.

Luke went to Twitter and blasted the gossip king, telling him that he is what's wrong with society. Luke even went so far to say that as the gossip guru was sitting on his laptop trolling people, he went to war to ensure that the freedom to do that didn't go away.

Within moments, Reality Steve had shared Luke's post and made it clear that he was not impressed with Pell's tweet.

There is more coming from the gossip king in his next podcast and “Bachelor” fans can't wait to see where things head next. While Luke is getting some support, there are plenty of people on Twitter calling him out for his actions, and some have pointed out that he didn't exactly deny the allegations that were made.

Did Luke Pell really promise at least a couple of women that if they came on his “Bachelor” season, he'd keep them until the end?

Has he been using his experience on “The Bachelorette” to become a king player? There has been a lot of talk swirling that he'd be headed to "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer, but some wonder if he'll bail now.

Many guys from the franchise have gone on to make the most of the exposure when it comes to their dating life, but Luke Pell may have taken things to a new level if Reality Steve's details are accurate. There's definitely more to come on this story and “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” fans will be anxious to see where things head next.