Tonight was the big premiere of the show "The Toy Box," which is similar to "Shark Tank." On this show, various people bring in their toy ideas and see if they can make it on to the expert children who will eventually pick the best toy. Arya Ball was a toy that impressed everyone. It started out as a soccer ball, and there was also a bat, but it turns out there is more to it.

The Arya Ball actually goes from a soccer ball to a football and then there is a baseball inside. This baseball can also be used as a golf ball. The bat that comes with it also turns into a putter so you can hit the golf ball.

This toy did well enough that it went on through to the children.

Is Arya Ball a reality?

It turns out that you can actually buy your own Arya Ball, which makes it seem like maybe they don't win the show. They have their own website that can be found by just putting in www. and then The cost of the toy is actually $29.99, and this will get you one ball. The issue with it is that you can only preorder it right now. It isn't like you can walk into the store and get the toy just yet. They are offering a coupon for $5 off right now. This will let you get this entire toy for $24.99 when it actually goes on sale.

The crazy thing about Arya Ball is they are not telling you how soon you will get it yet.

This kind of toy could end up exploding now that it was seen on television, but they are only taking pre-orders right now. You can't even place your order yet just get on a list where you will get an email when you can do it. It does appear that Arya Ball will end up becoming a reality, but it isn't there just yet. "The Toy Box" may have just given them the exposure that they needed to get things going.

Tonight on "The Toy Box" they also had a few other toys such as a game where you dress up like a worm and do the worm on the ground and also a doll that speaks in various languages. Another product on tonight was called the Swurfer. It was a great toy that hung from a tree and allowed you to swing all over. This one was something that they loved and a lot of children are going to want in their backyard.

They were a little unsure about the safety of this toy, though.

What do you think of the toy Arya Ball? Do you think that this will end up winning "The Toy Box"? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "The Toy Box" on Friday nights on ABC. If your kids are watching this show, then they are going to be begging you to order these toys off the show now.