During an interview with a reporter from the SUR newspaper at his new penthouse in Málaga, Spain, 56-year-old Antonio Banderas spoke about his health, the launch of his career and his Love Life after former wife melanie griffith.

Banderas reportedly had a scare on January 26 after suffering a minor heart attack. He said he is still working, but that his heart has warned him to slow down a bit. The "Finding Altamira" star said he would now like to get more involved behind the camera and in writing screenplays, but will still star in a film every couple of years.

Movies,can be made anywhere, from Hollywood to Madrid or Málaga, according to Antonio.

Banderas did admit this will take a change of attitude, adding that a Hollywood agent he once worked with told him the most important word in Hollywood is “no.” While he hasn’t yet learned to turn things down, he has to as he says you can’t please everyone.

The SUR reporter then went on to remind Banderas that his very first interview was with the newspaper. Banderas remembers this well as it was just before he left home to travel to Madrid to start a new life. He said in that original interview that he must be mad, moving to Madrid with just a few pesetas, but never imagining what the future held for him. It was the late 1970s and no one would have thought that a Spanish actor could become a Hollywood star and even end up with a star on the Hollywood Boulevard.

Accidental Hollywood star

Ending up in Hollywood was reportedly an accident. He visited Los Angeles because the 1988 comedy-drama film “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” – in which he starred – was nominated for an Oscar.

The film reportedly went down really well in the U.S. Hollywood actors were reportedly keen to meet the “crazy Spaniards” who could make films so incredibly different from theirs, so Banderas was invited to a party thrown by Jane Fonda. This ended up with various companies wishing to interview the Spanish actors, which was difficult for Banderas, as he didn’t speak a word of English at that time.

He did, of course, go on to speak English fluently.

Life and love after Melanie Griffith

Banderas then went on to speak about his current love interest, 36-year-old Nicole Kimpel, saying that she has given him a lot. He explained that Nicole is very different from him and has never been involved in the film world, describing her as a “glass of cool water” in the heart of a desert.

The interviewer also asked what fellow Hollywood star and former wife Melanie Griffith had meant to Banderas’ professional career. Banderas explained that she wasn’t really involved in his professional life, but that she has always meant a lot in his personal life and still does today. Reportedly since he suffered his heart attack in January, Griffith phones him every day and they still enjoy a good relationship.

Melanie apparently adores his new girlfriend Nicole.

As reported by UInterview, Banderas and Kimpel were recently seen out and about at the Málaga Film Festival in March this year, with Banderas sporting a gray beard. He was also seen more recently with Nicole at the Holy Week proclamation in the city.

The feeling is mutual on Melanie’s side

In a recent article on Blasting News about Melanie, her cosmetic surgery and life in general, Griffith said she blames herself for the divorce from Banderas, saying their marriage of 19 years failed because she was “stuck.” She’s taking things slow on her love life as, in the almost two years since her divorce from Banderas, she hasn’t gone on any dates. In a recent birthday message to Banderas on Instagram, she described him as her “ruggedly handsome ex-husband,” and said she will always love him.