Since Netflix dropped the entire 13 episodes of “13 Reasons Why ” it quickly reached a critical success and became a talk about for many. However, some school officials send their fears of its possible effects on the young ones, especially to the students who have been encountering the same problems like Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford).

The mental health experts, too, fear that the television series’ story could glorify the teen suicide for those who are on the verge of doing it. Aside from that, there are more controversial issues the show is facing ever since it has been released.

Mental health experts take

13 Reasons Why,” tells the story of Hannah and the reason behind her suicide using some recorded audio tapes she sent to her classmate Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette). Each cassette tape reveals the connection of some specific people to her self-destruction. From here, the lives of the two teenagers have been intertwined. However, as the television series based on Jay Asher’s bestselling novel with the same title features disturbing scene upon showing Hannah’s suicide, mental health professionals say that it could bring harm to its viewers.

On the contrary, some say it could be helpful, but it is now what the experts see. It has been commended by the critics and even got a whopping 91 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In fact, it is also the most tweeted program this 2017. But still, the psychological professionals say it carries a great danger for fantasizing suicide.

Evidently, the story showed the terrible things that happened to Hannah. But, medical director of the JED Foundation Dr. Victor Schwartz told NBC News that viewers didn’t see the character do internalization until she took suicide.

"None of that stuff is made clear because it's focused on the horrible things people have done to her,” he added.

Hence, her suicide has been about the “extended revenge” she has been longing to do. He also added that the series has a lot of imagery and actions that are quite dangerous for the young ones to see, especially if they are having Suicidal Thoughts.

School officials react

Moreover, some school officials in Montclair, New Jersey also have their take on “13 Reasons Why” story. As it is about the suicide of a high school student, the administrators sent letters to their pupils’ parents to warn them about their kids that might be watching the show.

Parts of the letter said that although the show’s narrative is fictional, it still illustrates extremely graphic content featuring rape scenes that raise concerns about the emotional safety of its young audience. They also questioned why the television series didn’t give Hannah the proper resources that could help her before she took her own life.