Britney Spears has been showing off her incredible body on Instagram again. The pop star has been staying motivated thanks to her grueling gym sessions. She must stay in shape due to her ongoing residency in Las Vegas. She gave her fans some motivation on Tuesday, Feb. 28 when she showed off her muscular physique and one of the workouts she does to stay shape. The 35-year-old started things off when she shared a photo of herself wearing a green sports bra paired with tiny maroon shorts and colorful Hoka One One sneakers.

Pop star stays motivated thanks to her hot new romance

The outfit left little to the imagination. Britney showed off her incredibly taut abs, toned arms, and strong legs. Since she's Britney Spears, she also stuck her tongue out to the camera. In the caption, she told her fans to have a "blessed" day. In a follow-up post, the "Slumber Party" singer gave her fans a glimpse into her workout regimen, which she hardly does. She is seen lifting a heavy barbell over her head as she repeatedly lifts her left knee to her chest, while her right foot is on the floor.

The purpose behind Britney Spears' clips was to help her stay motivated. But it's also getting her fans motivated to hit the gym. The singer has been feeling really good about herself lately and it shows.

It could be because of her relationship to fitness trainer and model Sam Asghari – who she met on the set of her latest music video. Back in December 2014, she revealed to Women's Health that she loves to do short workouts. Spears typically starts out with 20 minutes of running followed by lifting, body-weight exercises, and then she finishes her workouts with stretching.

Britney Spears loves a good yoga session

The pop princess also loves to do yoga. She has taken to her Instagram in the past to show off some of her impressive yoga moves. Just a few months ago, Britney was seen doing a perfect handstand on her Instagram account. She event attempted to walk around on her hands. It's not that easy to be that strong and that in shape.

The pop star told Women's Health that regularly working out helps her mentally and physically. She has learned to enjoy it because she loves the feeling she gets from her workouts.

But after she had her two children, Jayden and Sean Preston, she had to tweak her workouts. While she has no problem staying motivated, she noticed that her body has changed over the years. It's important for Britney Spears to be consistent with her workouts, so she can fight the signs of aging and blast that fat.