Rumor has it that Taraji P. Henson and Nia Long have been feuding so much on the set of the hit series, "Empire" that their scenes can't be shot when both of them are together. Even though they are in the same scene, each woman is said to be filmed separately. TMZ reports that Nia is hard to get along with. She is said to be rude to the people who are there to help her such as those in hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

Feud between the women

According to reports, Taraji and Nia don't speak to each other unless they have to. When they do talk, they end up feuding.

The two woman are said to be bickering because each actress wants to be the bigger star on Fox's show. In addition to the rumor that Long is rude to people on the set, she is said to show up late for rehearsals. Taraji and Terrence Howard have had to wait for her up to 30 minutes at times. Sometimes she doesn't show up at all. In those cases, someone else has to stand in for her so the rehearsal can go on.

Nia's viewpoint

Nia has defended herself and told TMZ that there is absolutely no truth to these rumors. Throughout her acting career, she said she has never been rude to anyone on the set. She has always gotten along with everyone including Taraji. E! News reported that the feud is real no matter what Nia says.

Social media has sounded off about the rumors that Nia is rude and often late. Some think it might be true. Others aren't convinced that Nia is trying to have as much power as Taraji P. Henson. After all, Taraji is the main character while Nia has only a recurring role.

It is hard to believe what is true because many different people including the cast, crew and staff members say Nia has been rude to them.

The people in hair and makeup say the story about Nia is true. In fact, they said it got so bad that they have a written complaint on file concerning how disrespectful the actress has been to them.

In Season 3, Nia plays an ex-lover of Lucious Lyon who is working on a reconciliation with Cookie, played by Taraji. It has not been determined if Nia will return for Season 4, but most people don't think so. One reason is that she is set to star in the ABC comedy spinoff of "The Goldbergs."