Despite allegations of style stealing, everyone’s favorite Jenner has debuted a new Lip Kit! For the unindoctrinated and unfamiliar, the Kylie Lip Kit burst onto the scene a couple years back, and it hasn’t lost steam since. Coming from a family of wealth and business savvy, it only makes sense that Kylie would continue to push her line, and this new debut comes hot off the heels of her Valentines' Day collection. Kylie announced the collection on the 10th of March, building anticipation and sending the Twittersphere into a flurry.

Kylie's velvet lip kits

The Kylie Lip Kit, classically available in various matte shades, is finally branching out to other finishes. First announced as a “demi-matte” range of shades (specifically for people who aren’t feeling the dryness of the matte trend), Kylie debuted her latest lipstick concoction as the Velvet Lip Kit. But really, the big question has got to be, “what’s the difference in lipstick formula?” While the Lip Kit is one of the biggest influencers of the current matte lipstick trend, anyone that's worn a matte (of any brand) can tell you just how drying they are.

Want to feel your lips drying out to a withered husk by the end of your work day? Try a matte. It’s a great effect without great benefits for your skin.

Early reports are telling us that the new Velvet Lip Kits are closer to a satin than a matte – which means you get a similar effect without your lipstick drying all the way down to your skin!

Lipstick connoisseurs will also be happy to know that these products are not marked as limited edition.


So what sets the Velvet Lip Kits apart from the standard line? As mentioned before, satin finishes don't dry to your lips the way mattes do, making satin lipsticks more comfortable and practical for long, everyday wear.

The sheen the satin finish provides gives your lips a tiny bit of glisten that will help them pop! It’s also worth noting that these lippies come in neutral colors only, and the pinks and corals are the perfect pallet for a spring release.