In recent days, the biggest story to dominate the political headlines has been the reported communication between Russia and members of the Donald Trump administration. As expected, reaction has been split down party lines, with conservative social media star Tomi Lahren quickly coming to the defense of the president.

Tomi on Russia

During the entire 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump was forced to push back against repeated allegations that his campaign had secret ties to Russia. By refusing to release his tax returns, speculation continued to grow about what financial links Trump had to the Kremlin, which were amplified by various news reports, and his constant praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Just weeks after being sworn into office, Trump was dealt another blow on the issue, this time dealing with retired Gen. Michael Flynn who was found to have had undisclosed communication with Russia, which led to his resignation as National Security Advisor. The latest curve ball thrown at the former host of "The Apprentice" comes in the form of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, with the Washington Post reporting earlier this week that the former senator had previously met with Russian officials during the campaign. Backlash quickly followed from Democrats, which was the topic of discussion during the March 2 edition of "Final Thoughts" with Tomi Lahren.

Kicking off her "Final Thoughts" segment, Tomi Lahren didn't hold back in her defense of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions.

Lahren bashed the Democrats for using the "same old tired story trying to link the Russians to the Trump administration because when identity politics failed, why not double down on the Russian claim to regain legitimacy, right?" Lahren then accused Democrats and liberals of wasting time "protesting, sign-making, and finger pointing" instead of asking for work.

Tomi on Sessions

Tomi Lahren went on to play a clip of Jeff Session being interviewed by Democratic Sen. Al Franken about whether or not he had taken part in communication with Russia.

Lahren, as do other conservatives, argued that because Sessions was a senator at the time, he was allowed to speak to a Russian offical, and allegedly did so in that capacity, and not as a member of the Donald Trump campaign. "This is not perjury, it's BS!," she said.

"I get the left wants to make something out of this because they want so badly to find a way to get rid of President Trump, but come on, this just looks pathetic now," Tomi Lahren said, before doubling down on the president's previous comments, referring to it as a "witch hunt." Concluding her thoughts, the right-wing firebrand suggested that Democrats "move on" from the Russian interference, labeling it as "sad."