Wednesday marked "International women's day," and as a way to celebrate the event, millions of women across the United States took part in the "A Day Without a Woman" protest. Not everyone was supportive of the protest, however, which included right-wing firebrand Tomi Lahren.

Tomi triggered

As part of the "A Day Without a Woman" protest, women in various cities across the country decided not to go to work as a show of solidarity for women's rights. In Price George's County Maryland, schools were closed as a way to let female teachers take part in the protest, leading to irritate parents who scrambled to find other plans for their children.

As expected, reaction to the event fell along party lines and political ideology. Democrats and liberals mostly supported and even took part in the celebration and protest, while Republicans and conservatives pushed back. During the March 8 edition of "Final Thoughts" on Blaze TV, Tomi Lahren decided to voice her opinion.

"Happy International Women's Day. I am here at work today because I'm a woman, not a victim," Tomi Lahren said to open her segment. "I didn't wake up this morning and worry about what protest color I'd wear, or what the world would do without me because I didn't wake up feeling like the victim-hood narrative was part of my story," Lahren went on to say.

"Real women don't have to remind the world every single day that history once slightest us," Tomi Lahren said, before adding, "real women don't wake up and skip work to march for abortions and paid contraceptives." "Real women understand that true equality doesn't mean special treatment," she noted, before playing a video clip of liberal celebrities like Madonna and Ashley Judd lashing out at Donald Trump.

Tomi closes

"I don't know about a day without women, but I could use a day without this nasty feminist BS masquerading as women's rights," Tomi Lahren said, while adding, "If you constantly claim you are a victim, you will always be a victim." "To the young ladies out there, you don't have to demand free things from taxpayers to be real women.

You also don't have to skip work and shutdown public schools to be real women," Lahren noted, stating, "that's called real selfish." Lahren closed her segment by reminding viewers she's a Republican who will pay for her own birth-control.