Just an hour before her Tuesday night show on MSNBC, host Rachel Maddow announced that she would release breaking news about Donald Trump's tax returns from 2005. In response, the conservative media were not pleased, including right-wing firebrand Tomi Lahren.

Lahren on Maddow

For the better part of the last two years, the mainstream media have made it a top priority to uncover financial information about Donald Trump. After defeating Hillary Clinton to become the new president last November, the former host of "The Apprentice" became the first commander in chief to to keep his tax returns hidden from the public in the last 40 years.

After Rachel Maddow released a portion of Trump's 2005 return, the reaction was mostly disappointment due to the fact that the most notable information uncovered was that the president paid close to a 25 percent tax rate, amounting to $38 million out of $150 earned. Trump and the White House reacted by referring to Maddow as "desperate" and "fake news," and Tomi Lahren doubled down on those remarks during the March 15 edition of her "Final Thoughts" on the Blaze TV.

Tomi Lahren kicked off her segment with a scathing attack on Rachel Maddow, while opening up with a dig into the liberal host's support of LGBT rights. "A sincere thank you to Rachel Maddow. I really do want to take a moment to thank her, assuming she has chosen 'her' as the acceptable pronoun," Lahren said.

"Last night Rachel Maddow demonstrated how excessive bitterness could help the very president she hates oh so much," she noted, before running a clip from the report in question.

"You wrote some major news with that, like the fact that President Donald Trump, the man you spent two years demonizing for his wealth, paid a higher tax rate then the shame network that employees you," Tomi Lahren said, before also reading off the numbers that the president paid a higher tax rate than former President Barack Obama and Sen.

Bernie Sanders did on their latest returns.

Tomi closes

"Rich people create jobs. Rich people fund your precious entitlements. Rich people pay a hell of a lot more than most Americans in 10 live times," Tomi Lahren went on to say.

Not stopping there, Lahren continued to rip into the MSNBC host. "Maddow must be sweating in her mannish pantsuit today because she looked like a jackass," she said, before concluding by ripping further into the political left.