Over the last year and a half, conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren has been able to use social media to become one of the rising stars in the right-wing media. However, after coming out as pro-choice, Lahren has had her professional life turned upside down.

Tomi, gone

As the 2016 presidential election moved along, Donald Trump used Twitter and other social media platforms to reach his supporters and bypassing the mainstream media that he often conflicted with. With this strategy, it opened the door for other voices to be heard. Tomi Lahren was able to capitalize with four million followers on Facebook, and 680,000 on Twitter, as she touted her pro-Trump opinions while hosting a popular show on Glenn Beck's Blaze Tv.

Despite this, Lahren ran into trouble during an appearance on "The View" earlier this month where she announced she was pro-life, claiming that she didn't want to feel like a hypocrite for supporting small government and a woman's right to choose. Beck went on to suspend Lahren over her comments, which turned into a permanent ban as reported by Page Six, and later the Daily Beast, on March 26.

According to sources at Page Six, Glenn Beck is "reminding the world of his conservative principles by sidelining Tomi after she insulted conservatives by calling them hypocrites." Beck's decision comes at a time when he is allegedly trying to create a balance between being a conservative, while also bringing the country together.

One former adviser to Beck says he is struggling to "reinvent himself," while knowing he has "burnt too many bridges," which led to Tomi Lahren being removed from the network. Lahren's contract was up in September, and was unlikely to be renewed even prior to her appearance on "The View."

Twitter on Tomi

After the official news broke that Tomi Lahren would not be returning to the Blaze TV, Twitter users quickly reacted.

"Tomi Lahren is now unemployed. Maybe she can get one of those jobs Trump is bringing back to make America great again," one tweet read.

"So, wait.

the Blaze permanently bans Tomi Lahren for being pro-life but not for being a racist imbecile?" one Twitter user wondered. "Tomi Lahren got fired so what a great start to the day," another social media message said. While Lahren might be off the Blaze TV much to the delight of liberals, her popularity with conservatives is likely to land her a job in the near future.