Hey, "Walking Dead" peeps. We got some nice episode 14 spoiler clip treats for you today, because AMC was kind enough to deliver a whopping, three new ones last night after episode 13 aired. They serve up new footage of crazy Sasha and Rosita, trying to pull off their super insane plan to shoot Negan, and you just know it's going to backfire on them. All you can do is just hope that it doesn't get them killed. There's also some footage of the Saviors, paying their surprise visit to the hilltop, and more!

Jesus tries to stop her

In the first clip, we get a basic promo that shows us what's going to be going on in a couple of different scenes.

It starts off, giving us a little close up footage of Rosita in action, along with Sasha. They're seen, getting their bullets together to go after Negan. From there, we get a scene that shows Jesus, talking to Sasha about what they're about to do. Sasha says, she's not going to change her mind about it, so it does look like these two fools are going to really try and go after Negan all by themselves and get killed.

Oh no! They're coming

Next, someone is spotted, shouting that the Saviors are coming. Meanwhile, Rosita and Sasha are spotted, climbing a fence to go do what they're planning on doing. After that, we get a scene that shows the Saviors, trying to get some answers. Then we see Daryl and Maggie, running at some point.

The clip clip closes out with a series of different scenes that shows some huge flames, along with some walkers, but the most notable scene, is Sasha, getting set up with her rifle to shoot Negan! So, oh wow. All I can say, is she better not miss, or it's "lights out" for her. And you just know she's probably going to miss.

Enid will do it

In the 2nd clip, we get a scene that features Sasha, telling Enid that she needs to take care of Maggie no matter what, because she's the future of the hilltop community. She also tells Enid that she is the future too. Then she gives her some silly, little bracelet she's been working on. After that, Enid tells her that she's going to tell Maggie everything that they're planning to do, and that it's up to her what she wants to do with that.

She also agrees to do what Sasha requests.

They're hopping fences

In the 3rd clip, we see more of Rosita and Maggie in action, getting started with their crazy plan. Rosita is seen, carving open a little space in the fence where all those walkers are located. She then sets a car on fire, I guess, to lure them out. After that, they're spotted, hopping the fence, and that's all we got for now. They're definitely going to make us wait to see the actual episode to find out what happens, next. I know one thing, these two fools are incredibly dumb for trying this. Why they couldn't just wait for Rick and his new army, is beyond me. Only on a tv show, I swear. Be sure to check out the new clips, below, and stay tuned. Episode 14 is due to show up on Sunday night, March 19th, 2017.