The season finale of the NBC hit drama, "This is Us," aired on Tuesday night. The Golden Globe nominated series brings in about 17 million viewers per episode, and the finale was sure to be no exception. Fans grabbed their tissues and tuned in to see how the emotional season would come to an end.


The final episode of "This is Us" season 1 was titled "Moonshadow." All season long, viewers of the show knew that one of the main characters Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia, would die. What they didn't know was how he dies or the circumstances surrounding his death.

Before the finale aired, it was not confirmed that the episode would reveal any of this, but fans went in believing that their number one question would be answered.

In "Moonshadow," Jack drove to Cleveland to make things right with his wife Rebecca, played by actress Mandy Moore. Rebecca was in Cleveland to perform her first big gig with her band. She never made it to the stage though because when Jack arrived, drunk, he punched her bandmate Ben in the face. After the fight, Rebecca put Jack in the car and drove them back home to Pittsburgh.

The final "This is Us" episode flashes back even further than usual, showing Jack and Rebecca before they became a couple. Then it shows how they became a couple and where they met, something that was never revealed in the earlier episodes.

The two met one night when Rebecca was on stage in a bar, singing "Moonshadow." A night when both Jack and Rebecca were supposed to be on blind dates with other people.

Not what people were expecting

The "This is Us" finale had a few emotional moments, but it was far from what fans were expecting. There was nothing about how Jack dies, and when the previews showed Jack in the car with empty beer cans, many were anticipating a drunk driving accident.

Now it will be over six months until season two starts, and who knows what fans are going to do to get their "This is Us" fix? No matter what, even if people are disappointed with how the season ended, viewers will be tuning in this fall to see what comes next.