There is nothing that Washingtonians love more than their Seahawks football team and with rumors going around that one of the players could be traded the whole state has been buzzing. Although it is not uncommon for football teams to trade players during the offseason, the Seahawks have rarely traded a key member. However, coach Pete Carroll has confirmed that there has been trade offers and discussion of the star cornerback Richard Sherman.

Sherman has not commented on the rumors

At this time Richard Sherman has not come forward with any comments about Pete Carroll’s confirmation of the trade rumors.

In recent appearances on ESPN, Sherman laughed off the rumors and gave no indication as to if the rumors were true or not. Crushing the hearts of many fans, the NFL Network did state that they know that there have been offers, including from the Patriots in New England.

In 2016 Sherman seemed to have a few struggles, including lashing out at the offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and a couple of disagreements with coaches that lead to larger blowups on the sideline. Even with the issues from last year, Sherman has remained a fan favorite. Surely, Seattle and the rest of the state would be crushed to see their favorite Seahawks cornerback traded to another team, but all is not lost.

Trade rumors confirmed

In recent interviews with Pete Carroll, he did confirm that there have not only been trade offers made but that some were also considered and thoroughly discussed. As Seahawk fans hold their breath, Carroll also stated clearly that he does not see Sherman leaving the team. Carroll also added that he would be an asset to other teams and other teams having an interest in him should not be a surprise.

During the offseason leading up to the 2017 football season, Sherman is said to be taking it easy and working hard on having a better year. Although new trade offers are likely to continue to come in for Sherman and other Seahawks members, the team looks solid for the upcoming year.