The latest episode ofThe Walking Dead” Season 7, “Bury Me Here,” featured a lot of surprises and a confirmation of a fan-made theory. A lot were shocked to see Morgan (Lennie James) made her hand dirty when he killed Richard.

Morgan has been known to be very patient, not wanting his hands to get dirty with blood but in episode 13, it looks like he had enough. After Benjamin had got killed, he squeezed the life out of Richard with his bare hands and told the Saviors and Ezekiel of his plans.

Leave peace to begin war

In an interview with the Variety, Lennie James talked about the surprising turn of events in “The Walking Dead” Season 7 episode 13.

With the death of Benjamin, Morgan has thought that he had to do it.

“He did everything he could, short of not showing up, to prevent it from happening. And it became inevitable to some degree,” the 51-year-old actor said. Things started to get out of control when Morgan asked Richard if the King and other fellows already knew what happened.

As Richard said that they were going to talk about it later, Morgan felt a surge of cold blood combined with a culmination of things that made him do it. “Somebody earlier described it as 'Wilderness Morgan' tried to return. He’s trying to hold Wilderness Morgan at bay, but he is aware war is coming,” the screenwriter added.

Benjamin’s death a sign of a big war

Meanwhile, a fan-made theory suggested that the death of Benjamin would ignite a war between the Saviors, Ezekiel, and The Kingdom. It has been said that the loss of someone from his group would provoke to join the battle.

To recall, Benjamin gave what-it-seemed-like a “death speech” to Ezekiel when the King thought if they would join Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group to fight against the Saviors.

A YouTuber named BrokenRobot3000 also noticed that a character was about to die when it delivered a so-called “death speech.”

After Morgan had told Carol (Melissa McBride) about the deaths of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun), the latter went to Ezekiel and said it was the time to prepare for a battle. Well, he already knew.