The Series Finale for the Fox fan favorite, Bones, just happened. The series ended after its 12th season. The series premiered on September 15, 2005. Shortly after airing the series starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, became a fan favorite.The series followed the partners throughout many cases and many personal problems that arose during the series.

What happened last week?

During the first half of the two-part finale, a prisoner named Kovac had escaped from prison and was determined to get his revenge against Booth, played by Boreanaz, and his entire family.

The convict was originally sent to jail for torturing and killing multiple people near Booth. He even ended up killing his father-in-law while during a shooting that targeted Booth's two young children. After his escape, Kovac blew up the Jeffersonian.

The final episode started with a big bang

The final episode began during the aftermath of a huge explosion that was planned by Kovac, the escaped prisoner seeking revenge on Booth. The only person not accounted for is Bones (played by Deschanel). Booth frantically searches for his wife in the debris of the Jeffersonian. He finally finds her, but she is not herself. She cannot think medically and is unable to process complex situations. After some testing, they find that she has a contusion on her brain and she may never be able to process the complex situations again, which means she will be unable to continue her work solving crimes.

During this time the team finds that Kovac had an accomplice in carrying out the bombings. They later discover that his sister, who was pretending to be his wife, was the one who built the bombs and he placed them inside of the Jeffersonian. She is arrested, and Kovac is still on the run. When the team finally puts all the pieces together and determine the location of the escaped convict, Booth and Brennan go to find him.

There is a shootout, and Kovac is shot in the head where he plummets off a cliff in his Jeep, and the car explodes. Brennan is able to fix Booth's dislocated hand and discovers that her brain contusion must be healing. All in all, the series ended on a high note with all of the main characters leaving the remains of the Jeffersonian happily and with bright futures ahead of them.

The end is here and we are all so sad

"Bones" is now over and the finale made for a beautiful ending. This show was a wonderful love story full of action. It had something for everyone. The only question left is, What will Fox put on next?