It is almost time for fans of Booth and Brennan to say goodbye for a final time! The show, that quickly became a fan favorite, has been on for twelve seasons and next week will air the Series Finale.

In case you have been under a rock

"Bones" is a long running series on the Fox network. This show follows FBI agent Seeley Booth and forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan as they solve murder cases that could not be solved by any other team. The duo were married after a long battle to get together and stay that way. Throughout the years the couple has come up against serial killers and many others who were determined to take the team out.

Throughout all of the issues the couple remained strong and are still together, with two children.

The most recent season has been a nail-biter

A few episodes ago the couple came up against a man who was seeking to avenge his father's death that had been carried out by Booth during his sniper days. The man was torturing and killing members of Booth's former Marine squad in order to find out his identity. When Booth's identity was finally compromised the man decided to go after Booth's family directly. While Booth and Brennan tried to find the suspect before he could carry out his revenge, the FBI put the rest of the Booth/Brennan family, including Brennan's father, into protective custody but their whereabouts were discovered and Brennan's father was killed trying to protect his grandchildren.

Brennan did not handle her father's death well and it seemed to put a strain on her marriage to Booth. They made it past that hurdle and went on to solve another case. The killer then escaped jail and strategically placed bombs in the Jeffersonian. This is where the cliff-hanger left us.

No one knows what will happen next

The cliff-hanger left everyone unsure of where the series will end. The promos leave us with tons of questions, starting with who will survive and who will die? Fans will just have to stay tuned to see how this beloved series ultimately concludes.