“The Flash” Season III, episode 16 which has been named as Into the Speed Force will be aired on Tuesday on CW.

The promos have revealed that Barry will be making rendezvous with some characters from the past and this includes Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, and Black Flash. Barry is frantic to save his friends from Savitar and once again Barry seeks the help of speed force for answers. The episode is directed by Gregery Smith and written by Brooke Roberts and Judelina Niera.

Barry and his friends are terrified to find Mon-El, and Hank Henshaw return to Earth with Supergirl who has passed out and will not wake up.

Finding no other way to revive the Supergirl, they turn to Team Flash. However, in a strange twist Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a coma, and the Team Flash is unable to cure. In another location, Kara and Barry wake up minus their powers.

Saving Flash Kid

Wally attempts to halt Savitar but unknowingly releases Savitar when he throws the last remaining Philosopher’s Stone into Speed Force, and himself gets sucked into the Speed Force as a replacement. Team Flash is trying to get Wally back when Barry gets into a dangerous and almost suicidal journey that will get him to be back on Iris.

Bad News all around

So it is bad news all around, Wally is lost, and even worse Savitar is back in a flash, and Team Flash does not have a clue about how to get Kid Flash back.

With his relationship status in tatters, getting Wally back safe and sound will certainly be a heads-up for Barry. If you want some more info over the course of the week, you can get the official synopsis here…. The expanded rushes of the season three episode 16 are here.

Check out behind the scenes and extended promo video of 'Into the Speed Force'

The previous episode "The Wrath of Savitar" aired on March 7, 2017, got a viewership of around 2.52 million. The second last episode that will be aired on March 21st is named as "Duet" while the last one to be aired on March 28th is named as "Abra Kadabra."