People have been reporting the sightings of Creepy clowns up to no good since late summer. The rash of clown sightings that started in Greenville S.C. has spread across the United States like wildfire. It appears that scary clowns are popping up everywhere. Some have been fabricated, some have been hoaxes and kids having fun, but many others remain a mystery that is causing panic and fear in some people.

Clowns luring kids?

Most reports state that the clowns are attempting to lure children into the woods, and even into vehicles. Some kids have reported being chased by them and being approached at bus stops and while walking home from school.

There have been a few sightings that adults have also collaborated on as being truthful.

These clowns don’t appear to be the happy-go-lucky clowns you encounter at the circus or a child’s birthday party. Those who have reportedly seen these clowns, report that they are scary and creepy looking. Why would what is supposed to be a happy childhood character, take to chasing and scaring people, especially children?

Rob Zombie film denies any involvement

Some social media users have suggested that the creepy clowns are just a huge publicity stunt for an upcoming film called “31” where murderous clowns hold carnival workers hostage. When contacted by a News media, Saban Films denied any association with the creepy clown sightings.

If in fact these creepy clown sightings turn out to be a publicity stunt, many think it to be an extremely dangerous one, as panic and fear spread across the US. Some social media posts call for “clown hunting” and are urging people to arm themselves against these creepy circus refugees.

Clowns fear for their safety

Those who perform the services of clowns for events, circuses and birthday parties fear for their own safety.

They worry that they will be mistaken for one of the creepy clowns and will be harmed. A clown in Georgia has taken to reporting to the authorities as to where he will be when he is performing. He doesn’t want to be mistaken for the creepy clowns who have allegedly been spotted in that area.

Police in several states are baffled by these mysterious clowns.

Several reports have been verified as hoaxes and fabrications, but others insist these clowns are real and very scary. Law enforcement agencies continue to take the sightings seriously and investigate each creepy clown report they receive.

Creepy clown excuse spreading

Social media spreads news and rumors like wildfire. Many people have decided to cash in on the creepy clowns and use them for an excuse. One such couple crashed into a ditch and then told responding officers that a clown jumped out at them and they went into a ditch to avoid hitting the clown. It later turned out that alcohol might have been a factor that cause them to park in a ditch.

As the sightings of clowns spread from one state to another, people continue to either be afraid, or talk about going on “clown hunting adventures.” If this all sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel, it just might be. After all, the movie “31” is a remake of his book “It” that features a clown named Pennywise, that lures children into the woods…