The premiere of "Better call saul" season 3 is now just a few weeks away, which means that those who were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to watch the episodes early are now coming out with their early reviews. Fortunately, most of the publications that have posted their take on the new season have not revealed any big spoilers that might ruin the show for fans.

What is known so far

During AMC's barrage of promotional materials and teaser videos, some of the events that will be taking place are already known to a majority of fans. The appearance of Giancarlo Esposito's Gustavo Fring has already been announced, with the network even releasing a fake advertisement for the rising drug Kingpin's fast food restaurant, Los Pollos Hermanos.

Over the past couple of months, AMC has also been teasing the upcoming arrest of Morgan "Jimmy" McGill, played by Bob Odenkirk. While no details were shared regarding the circumstances of his arrest, it may be safe to assume that it might have something to do with his brother, Chuck, played by Michael McKean.

Early reviews suggest another spectacular season

A majority of the early reviews, from the people that were able to watch the new "Better Call Saul" episodes early, have all agreed that the third season is definitely a must watch for fans. The new episodes apparently live up to the hype that was created for it and fans will undoubtedly enjoy the slow transformation of Jimmy into the Saul Goodman character from "Breaking Bad" that everyone knows and loves.

A review from We Got This Covered even claims that the new season will manage to stitch together the events of "Better Call Saul" to "Breaking Bad" in a very comprehensive way. There were also high praises for the work done by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould and how they have managed to keep the series focused on Jimmy's actions and the consequences that will follow.

What to expect from the new season

Gilligan and Gould, the creators of the show, previously promised fans that the new season will be featuring "so much rip-roaring conflict" that it will be taking the show to an entirely new level. Based on the early reviews, it may be safe to assume that the creators have managed to keep their promise. "Better Call Saul" season 3 is set to premiere its brand new episodes on April 10 in the US on AMC, followed by a UK premiere on Netflix a day after.