"Beverly Hills, 90210" alumni Shannen Doherty made her first public appearance after finishing chemotherapy treatments last week. The 45-year old star has been battling breast cancer since 2015 and has been candid about her battle and treatment, giving her fans and supporters updates via her social media pages.

Shannen's charity work

The star, who appeared on Dancing With The Stars in 2010 for the show's tenth season, hosted the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation's first Gratitude Gala. Doherty is an avid animal rights activist and compared being asked to host the event to Sally Field winning her Oscar.

She admits she was screaming for joy when she got the news. For her, being asked to host was a huge honor, especially after her cancer battle.

During the event, she compared her cancer battle to animals being rescued. "Cancer can overwhelm your life," she said. "Seeing animals being rescued touched my heart and they renew my determination to dig deep and continue my own personal fight. I wonder how I would fare faced with such death and cruelty. Animals encouraged me to face adversity with the same strength and grace that they display in the face of destruction."

Shannen kicks cancer's, well, you know

According to Us Weekly, Doherty was candid about her battle with cancer at the event. The self-proclaimed 'Cancer Slayer' says she is "feeling great" and is remaining as positive as possible and she continues her fight.

She says that despite the hardships she has faced during this trying time, it has also been "a blessing." She told the popular entertainment magazine that her cancer battle has "changed who she is as a human being forever" and "altered her in ways she can't even speak of." She added that she feels so blessed and lucky in her life, especially with her loved ones and cancer family offering their love and support.

She was also spotted doing a dance workout to Missy Elliot's music this past weekend, posting her progress, as well as the news about completing her chemotherapy, on Instagram.