Following the huge success of “Deadpool” with earnings of nearly $783m worldwide, Ryan Reynolds was given an immediate go-ahead by Fox to set the ball rolling for a sequel in the form of “Deadpool 2”. If rumors are to be believed, Michael Shannon will join the team and portray the role of X-Men mutant Cable, a Marvel Comic character.

Apart from being Fox's biggest hit of 2016, “Deadpool” is at present the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time and, Fox would like the trend to continue with its sequel.

Who is Cable?

Sky News reports that the real name of Cable is Nathan Summers and, he is the offspring of X-Men hero Cyclops.

Cable is a good guy, and has, at times, fought other heroes and also struggled to control his own aggressive nature. He is, in short, a psychic mutant who teams up with Deadpool.

Any movie of this genre transports the viewer into a world of fantasy and make-believe and provides immense opportunities to creative persons to showcase their talents. “Deadpool 2” would be no exception with Ryan Reynolds in the team.

Who is Michael Shannon?

Michael Shannon has already played comic book characters and, enacting one like Cable will not be a first for him. He has, in fact, acted as Superman's alien foe General Zod. That was in the 2013 movie “Man Of Steel”.

In case Shannon agrees to do the role, he will join Atlanta breakout star Zazie Beetz – she will be seen as mutant mercenary Domino.

To keep the interest alive, Ryan Reynolds has posted a photo montage of Domino and Beetz with the label - the "Zazie Beetz Effect".

Incidentally, the appearance of Cable in the next movie was made public in the form of a teaser trailer at the end of the final Wolverine chapter “Logan” which had premiered earlier this month. In the final credits, a scene is included from “Deadpool” – it shows a message written on a phone booth announcing the arrival of Nathan Summers.

The director of “Deadpool 2” is expected to be David Leitch. He has joined following the withdrawal of Tim Miller who had directed “Deadpool”. Tim abandoned the project because of "creative differences". The release date of “Deadpool 2” is not yet revealed but, it is expected to hit the screens in 2018.