Netflix seems to be on a roll for the past few years, and this success has been founded on the back of some very good decisions in terms of selecting successful projects. After having created an admirable collection of original shows, the portal is now looking to revive some classics as well. “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” has been in the pipelines for some time now, but Netflix has finally released some definitive news on their website.

The when and who

Fans will be delighted to know that the show isn’t too far away from hitting the airwaves, because according to the official Netflix website, the premiere date has been set on April 14th 2017.

What’s even more exciting is the cast associated with the show, as the network has managed to tie-down comedians Jonah Ray and Patton Oswalt, along with actress Felicia Day who is a part of the successful paranormal show – "Supernatural".

The most exciting of the three names involved so far has to be Patton Oswalt who is sure to bring his infinite pop-culture knowledge into a show that demands his level of absurd information be channeled into a comedic voice.

A quick recap

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, I suggest you take a few months off work to catch up on the hilarious 10 seasons that have been produced by the original version so far. The show ran from 1988 to 1999, and features the ridiculous plot of a person being forced into watching B-grade movies with a pair of robots by a team of evil scientists.

The real appeal of the show comes from the gimmick that while watching these horribly made movies, the human being (Joel, and later Mike) and robots team up to ridicule the movies to the best of their ability. If it sounds ridiculous at first, it’s only because you don’t know the Mystery Science way.

The humor involved in ripping into the bad films is of the highest quality, and it instantly takes you back to your dorm days when you and your buddies just sat around making fun of bad stuff you saw on television. The show became a cult-classic over the years, and hopefully will retain its title even after the Netflix revival.