The idea of virtual reality has been around for a long time now but the working model itself hasn't been in the market for all that long. The technology is constantly undergoing experimentation at the hands of millions of innovators around the world, and they continue to come up with unique applications for virtual reality. Los Angeles-based Virtual Reality Company (VRC) just made an announcement regarding an area that well-wishers of virtual reality have long sought after -- a virtual reality Animated Series.

Dive into the story

The animated series has been titled “Raising A Ruckus” and tells the story of two siblings and their faithful companion -- a mischievous dog name Ruckus.

The trio travel the world during the course of the series and have all sorts of magical adventures together. According to the creators, each episode of “Raising A Ruckus” will be 12 minutes and will allow us to experience the entire episode either through the point of view of the brother or the sister.

What to expect

Virtual Reality Company has been working on this project for some time now and they are extremely excited about its release. One of the company’s founders and Chief Creative Officer Robert Stromberg calls his show a “first of its kind animated family entertainer." He describes the experience of watching the show as “Watching a Pixar short except that you are immersed in it. For the first time you get to take a ride with these characters.” (Variety).

The company and the project are in capable hands which Stromberg (who is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's best VR producers). He has already won an Academy Award for his art direction on “Avatar” and he genuinely believes in the future of this new medium. This is what he had to say about VR: “It’s a very powerful medium," while acknowledging that VR is progressing with what he called a slow burn, as opposed to overnight success.

"It’s too powerful to just go away. Over time, people will recognize its power.”

Raising a ruckus” is set to premiere in theatres in Canada this spring and will also receive wider distribution across North America this summer.