Fans of the hit anime television series, “Attack On Titan,” who have also been following the manga series that the anime is based, probably already know the identity of the mysterious Beast Titan. However, those who haven’t spoiled themselves by reading the manga will finally be able to catch up as the identity of the Beast Titan, along with other huge revelations, will be featured in the anime’s upcoming second season.

The Beast Titan's true identity

Those who don’t want any spoilers are advised to stop reading this article, others who are interested to know more before “Attack on titan” season 2 is released can read on.

The upcoming new episodes of the hit show will reveal to fans that the Beast Titan is actually a shapeshifter named Zeke Yeager. Unlike other titans and even Eren, the Beast Titan is able to talk and reason even in his Titan form. It will also be revealed that he has some sort of control over the other mindless Titans, which makes him all the more dangerous.

The Beast Titan and Eren Yeager

If the last name sounds familiar, it is because Zeke is actually the older half-brother of Eren Yeager and is a member of the royal Fritz family. Without going too much into detail, Zeke is basically the war chief of Eldian warriors under the Marley Government outside the wall. He is considered to be the strongest warrior amongst his people, which will be stated by Reiner Braun in the upcoming episodes.

Other characters and their back stories

The anime’s directors, Araki Tetsuro and Koizuka Masashi, previously revealed that “Attack on Titanseason 2 will be delving into the stories of both the old and the new characters in the series. Several episodes will apparently be dedicated to telling the story of the Reiss family and the life of Captain Kenny Ackerman.

Yuki Kaji, the voice actor for Eren Yeager, also revealed in an interview that characters such as Connie and Sasha will be getting a lot of screen time in “Attack on Titan” season 2 as well. The anime’s second season is scheduled to premiere in just a few days, specifically on April 1. The show will be simulcast outside of Japan via Funimation on the same date.