The "power rangers" open on March 24 complete with a new look gang of alien crime fighters and a big bad villain. Elizabeth Banks is taking on the role of outer space witch Rita Repulsa. Banks recently sat down for some interviews about the film and made it clear she's got a bit of a family connection to the original show.

While the original "Power Rangers" was campy and fun, this new big screen adaptation appears to have a darker tone. Despite the fact that the television show didn't take itself too seriously, it still had plenty of fans. It turns out Banks' brother was one of the biggest fans around and she carried the memories of him steadfastly watching with her to her role.

'I did the 'Power Rangers' movie for him'

"It's so weird, I can't believe you said those words to me," Banks said in a recent interview with Those words were that Banks is now part of the "Power Rangers" universe. Once Banks settled down a bit from being told she was part of that universe she responded that she wants to run that universe.

Banks said that her younger brother was a die-hard fan of the show growing up. She added that while she and her sisters didn't really pay attention to the show at all, he is going to "freak out" when "Power Rangers" finally hits the silver screen next Friday.

Elisabeth Banks and her rather iconic roles

Whether you are talking about Banks playing Effie Trinket in the "Hunger Games" series, or as Avery Jessup in "30 Rock," the one thing that can be said about Banks is that when she takes on role, she makes it her very own.

The same is likely going to be said about Banks' role as Repulsa and not just because she looks quite a bit different from the original character.

Banks has already managed to make an impression when it comes to how people have seen her as Rita Repulsa. She likely won't just be sitting up her tower ordering monsters to attack and clapping her hands when she thinks she's winning the fight. Banks' version of the villain looks like she'll be taking a more active role. "Power Rangers" is due to hit theaters on March 24, 2017.