This season on the TLC show "Paranormal Lockdown" Fans got a double episode each week. This way they got two hours of the show and they visited two different places. Fans loved seeing this much of the show each week. Sometimes it was an episode you had already seen, though. They would sometimes add new footage to the show, though. Now, all that fans want to know is if "Paranormal Lockdown" will be coming back for another season or not. The fact that they won't have new episodes to watch every Friday night is something they are not happy about at all.

Nick Groff shares an update

Nick Groff actually went to his Twitter to share an update about the show, but it doesn't really give any answers just yet. Nick said, "Thank you everyone for all the support on season 2 #ParanormalLockdown @TLC Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!" So far, the show has aired two seasons, which means it is very possible it will come back for a third. TLC is one of those channels that doesn't always share updates about renewals and the next thing you know you will hear that a new season is coming soon.

Katrina Weidman also went to her Twitter. She thanked the fans for all of their support on the show and also talked about how she doesn't know what she is going to do on Friday nights anymore.

Katrina didn't seem to have any answers about if "Paranormal Lockdown" will be back for another season or not.

The fans would love to have another season of "Paranormal Lockdown," but for now they are going to have to wait to see what decision is made. Hopefully, either Nick or Katrina will be able to share the news with fans soon.

You know that even if the show doesn't come back, they won't stop what they are doing and will try their best to find a new way to share it with the fans.

Do you want to see another season of "Paranormal Lockdown"? What do you think of this paranormal show on TLC? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and if you hope that this show returns for another season on TLC with Nick and Katrina.