As yet another season of "The Bachelor" comes to an end, millions of viewers tuned into ABC to see who bachelor Nick Viall would choose. The 36-year-old started off with 30 women to choose from, and after months of handing out roses, he finally narrowed it down to two.

The two left standing

"Bachelor" Nick knows a thing or two about how the show works. He made it to the final two in not only one, but two seasons of "The Bachelorette." In season 10 and season 11, Nick was ready to propose. Unfortunately for him, the woman making the decisions decided she was in love with the other man.

Nick prevailed and tried finding love through another avenue, this time appearing on "Bachelor in Paradise."

"Paradise" obviously didn't work out for Nick, as he was cast as the leading man for season 21 of "The Bachelor." The final two women who were hoping for that last rose were Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi. Both women seemed to have a solid connection with Nick, so it was anybody's guess as to which one would win.

When it came to the finale episode, Nick took both women out on one last date. The couples enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Finland and made the cold actually look quite romantic. Producers of "The Bachelor" did the usual scenes that fans have come to expect but must love, as they keep on tuning in.

The proposal

If you are a regular viewer of "The Bachelor," then you know that the first woman that comes out of the limo on finale night is not the winner. So in tonight's episode, fans watched Raven be the one to make her way to Nick first. The 26-year-old boutique owner filled Nick's ears with words to describe how much she loved him, but Nick didn't reciprocate and instead told Raven that he wasn't in love with her.

Vanessa came out next, and Nick was ready to express his love finally. The couple met up, and both conveyed how they felt about one another. The only question remaining for fans watching the show was if Nick would propose, and if he did, would Vanessa accept? After lots of love ramblings on both ends, Nick asked, and Vanessa said yes.