Alright, so AMC delivered up some good promo/spoiler clips, last night, for the upcoming "The Walking Dead" episode 13 of season 7,and they feature some very interesting stuff as we see Carol, finally getting back into the fighting action, and there's this big stand-off scene that we see go down between the Kingdom and the Saviors, and more!

Another big stand-off scene

The first clip, is a regular promo that gives us new looks at various scenes that are going to take place. In it, we see new scenes with Carol in action. She's spotted, walking down a road after finally leaving her hideout house.

In the next scene, we hear her asking Morgan if everyone is ok, so it looks like she's finally ready to start mixing it up again. Next, there's a scene that features Ezekiel and company, standing over a burial site that features the name of this episode: "Bury Me Here."

Ezekiel says a few words about them luckily not being insane. From there, we're shown some very intense fight footage that features Carol in action, kicking some major, walker butt! During this, we also get a scene where it appears that Ezekiel has finally made the decision to stand up to the evil Saviors group, so it looks like it's finally going to be "on" in this one. Hold on tight.

She's back, looking for Morgan

The 2nd clip, gives us a solo dolo scene that features Carol in action.

She's spotted, walking down the street, chopping up stray walkers like nobody's business. At one point, she's seen killing a few of them with a freaking "One Way" sign. She definitely isn't messing around. After that scene, we see her make her way back into the Kingdom, demanding to see Morgan right away. This seems pretty, damn serious.

I'm very interested in seeing what has sparked this renewed vigor in her. It should get real interesting. Be sure to check out the new clips ,below, and stay tuned. We should be getting a new, 3rd clip later on today, so be on the lookout for that. As previously reported, episode 13 is confirmed to air on Sunday night, March 12th, 2017 at 8pm central time on AMC.