Hey, "Once Upon A Time" viewers. We recently were graced with some new, official synopsis spoilers for the upcoming episode 12 of season 6, via the kind ABC folks. They gave us some very interesting-sounding storyline scoops too, telling us that this Robin is going to cause some significant issues for Regina when he reveals his dark side. We'll also be seeing Hook, agreeing to lend David a helping hand on his latest mission in an effort to prove he's worthy of Emma, and more.

More than a pirate

They also let us know that this episode has been given the title: "Murder Most Foul." In their official description, we first learn that we're going to see Hook, wanting to make sure that David considers him much more than just a pirate before he takes things to the next level with Emma.

So, to accomplish this goal, he's going to agree to David's request that he tag along on his search to find out the truth of what really went down during his father's death.

Will Hook be able to prove he's more than just a pesky pirate? What new dangers will they face, if any on this new trip? Will they find the answers they're looking for? Unfortunately, they didn't reveal any of that info in this synopsis, so we'll have to wait for this thing to air to see how all that plays out.

He's got a dark side

Next, we learn that Regina is going to be very busy with some new problems that this Robin has brought to the table. She's going to be trying to get him to adjust to this new life in Storybrooke.

However, in the process, she's going to find out that he has a dark side that is going to make things way more difficult for her than she previously thought. The big questions, here, will most certainly be: what exactly is this dark side that Robin starts to show? How will Regina deal with it? It sure sounds like we'll get some very interesting scenes out off this storyline.

Actor, Eion Bailey, guest stars as August aka Pinocchio, which means we'll also be seeing Pinocchio back in action.

They brought on the writing team of Jerome Schwartz & Jane Espenson to pen the script, and had Morgan Beggs direct it. It's also confirmed that episode 12 is set to air next Sunday night, March 12th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.