It is mind-boggling to understand how many properties under-development J.J Abrams currently has a stake in. The director has already made history by being the first person to helm a film in both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises, but he is now looking to work on a different genre altogether. His next film will be a supernatural thriller set during World War II, and it has just found its lead actors.

Fighting an Overlord

It has been confirmed that Wyatt Russell and Jovan Adepo have been cast in Abrams’ “Overlord." They will play the part of two paratroopers who have been dropped into a troubling village that lies in the middle of Nazi-occupied territory.

The paratroopers are looking to locate and destroy a radio tower that plays a crucial part in their overall mission, but they inevitably stumble onto something far more sinister lurking in the village.

The film has been written by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith, and is being produced by Abrams’ very own Bad Robot Productions. The actors cast in the film are coming off some interesting projects as well, especially Wyatt Russel who played vital roles in “22 Jump Street," Everybody Wants Some," and one episode of the fascinating anthology series “Black Mirror." Jovan Adepo has also been in the limelight lately due to his memorable turn in the Oscar-nominated drama film “Fences." These young actors have no doubt been chosen on the backs of their recent performances.

What to expect

J.J. Abrams can apparently do no wrong anymore, at least that’s how it seems based on his recent run on film and television. He has spent some serious time perfecting the sci-fi genre, but his supernatural horror game might be a bit rusty considering his recent choice of work. His hit television series “Lost” had some serious supernatural elements, and they were used in moderation in order to further the plot.

We can expect the same to be the case in “Overlord” as well, with characters and setting being as important as the supernatural elements plaguing the paratroopers. No release date has been set for the film yet.