Netflix has announced their first animated feature film. Dubbed "America: The Motion Picture," it is expected to be adult-oriented and receive an "R" rating. The announcement reflects the forays the company has made into adult-oriented animation, but reflects the first time they’ve developed a feature-length film in the genre.

The first President of the United States will be played by 'Magic Mike'

Matt Thompson, a partner in Atlanta’s Floyd County Productions and the current producer of the "Archer" series, will serve as the director. Dave Callaham, known for his work on "The Expendables," will serve as screenwriter.

Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Adam Reed, Peter Kiernan, and Reid Carolin will serve as producers, in addition to Callaham and Tatum. Netflix is expected to finance the project.

According to reports, the film is expected to be a story retelling the founding of the United States through "R-rated revisionist history." channing tatum is reportedly on board as the voice of an incarnation of President George Washington, who is said to be the main character. That said, so far little information is available about the upcoming film.

A tagline for the film reportedly joked that the “R” rating stood for “Revolutionary War.”

The fact that this has been aimed at adults has not gone unnoticed

Netflix has already made headlines in their previous forays into adult-oriented animation, although this appears to be their first feature-length film.

Two adult-oriented series that have come from the company have included the critically acclaimed "BoJack Horseman" and "F Is for Family." That said, most of their previous original animated shows have been aimed at children, which have included, "World of Winx," "Trollhunters," "Luna Petunia," "The Adventures of Puss in Boots," and "The Mr.

Peabody & Sherman Show," many of which are spin-offs of well-known franchises aimed at children.

Cartoon Brew said in a statement that the company is making "a strong statement" by having the project reflect R-rated, adult-oriented animation, and added that the streaming service was not “playing around” when it came to the upcoming project.