Bollywood Superstars shah rukh khan and Aamir Khan spent some quality time together with Internet TV Network Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings on the evening of March 12, 2017. Shah Rukh and Hastings posted a photo which featured the celebrity union on their respective social media handles. The official handle of Netflix India too shared this photo and captioned it "Saturday night got pretty Khantastic."

Shah Rukh recovering from a surgical procedure

The get together between Shah Rukh, Aamir and Hastings happened at the luxury mansion of King Khan, Mannat in Mumbai.

The "Fan" star recently underwent a shoulder surgery, but that is not stopping him from meeting his friends. As per close sources to the actor, Aamir and Hastings have reached SRK's residence to wish him good health.

In the photo, Shah Rukh Khan was seen sporting a salt-and-pepper-bearded look, and his left shoulder was in a cast due to the recent surgery. Aamir sported a Rajput style mustache in the photo, wearing a pink T-shirt and Khaki trouser.

Lots of suspicion over constant meetings between Shah Rukh and Aamir

Shah Rukh and Aamir have been ruling the Bollywood Industry for the past 25 years, and until last month both of them have not even posed for a photo together. But SRK shared a selfie with Aamir, and within no time, it went viral on social networking sites.

Now, the duo has met up again, and it has created lots of suspicions among movie buffs. Many people believe that they will soon team up for a film, while some others claim that the Big Khans will be soon collaborating as producers for an upcoming project.

Netflix's long-term deal with Red Chillies Entertainment

Hasting's Netflix has signed a long-term deal with Shah Rukh's Red Chillies Entertainment.

As per this deal, the Internet TV network will have the privilege to air all the movies of SRK to the 86 million members on the platform. Netflix is said to have made a similar deal with Aamir Khan too for a whopping Rs 120 crores.

Shahrukh's recent film "Raees" failed to make much impact at the box-office while Aamir's "Dangal" went on to become the highest grosser for any Indian movie.