Mariah Carey's popular song "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is becoming an Animated Film in time for Christmas 2017. Carey announced her good news on Twitter on Tuesday, March 21 even though the Christmas holidays are nine months away. She tweeted that more updates will be coming.

Carey's teaser

Mariah Carey is already teasing her fans and followers with a video about the film. In the video, the iconic singer is seen lounging in a red-and-black plaid flannel onsie and pearls as she holds a puppy in front of a fireplace. Beside her is a closed book about a young girl who wished for a new puppy for Christmas.

The 2015 book is based on Carey's song. Carey's upcoming movie will be an excellent treat for parents and their children to watch together.

The movie

The animated film will be produced by Universal Studios and released in various ways to accommodate the public. Therefore, the movie will be on Blu-ray, DVD and on-demand to help people get in the mood for Christmas. The full-length movie will star Breanna Yde as the voice of a young Mariah whose only wish is to have the puppy she saw in a pet shop. Getting the puppy takes more than merely wishing for it.

Carey will be the producer and narrator of the upcoming film. Other voices will be those of Henry Winkler and Lacey Chabert who starred in the Christmas movie, "A Christmas Melody" that was directed by Carey.

It was aired on the Hallmark channel during the 2015 Christmas season.

The song and movie

The 46-year-old singer wrote the song that the movie is based on in 1994 along with Walter Afanasieff. They never thought the song would become so popular. Of all of Carey's Number 1 hits, "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is one of her best-selling records.

In fact, the single has sold more than any Christmas song by other artists.

Carey's fans on social media are wondering why she is announcing her movie at the beginning of spring. They concluded that it is done in the diva's style. So, the public might as well get used to it during the months leading up to Christmas.