Reality television diva Mama June may have gone "From Not to Hot" after weight-loss but her transformation didn't come easy. The "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star looks ill after gastric bypass and plastic surgery. Her ex "Sugar Bear" Mike Thompson's wife calls Shannon sickly-thin. Is this just jealousy from her nemesis or has the morbidly obese Jennifer Lamb spotted an eating disorder others have missed?

Mama June sick from bariatric surgery?

The star of WEtv's "From Not to Hot" blatantly denied having bariatric surgery but then admitted she'd had a gastric sleeve on her new show.

Daughters "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson and "Pumpkin" Lauryn Shannon were worried about mom undergoing gastric bypass surgery. And their fears weren't in vain. In 2016, the mom of four collapsed after complications relating to the weight-loss surgery. Then June revealed that this was only the beginning.

Mama June overdoes plastic surgery?

Shannon said she planned to have plastic surgery and Honey Boo Boo and her sister got really afraid. They're avid reality TV watchers and have seen what too much cosmetic surgery and Botox does to celebrities. At 26, Lala Kent of "Vanderpump Rules" is full of silicone, as are all the Kardashian family. By episode 5, Mama June had undergone skin removal surgery (an all-over tummy tuck) and a breast implant procedure.

She's planning a facelift, perhaps a butt lift and more for her big "From Not to Hot" reveal.

Jennifer Lamb calls Mama June's eating disorder?

A lot of what Jennifer Lamb says is the obesity talking. Fans figured because she is morbidly overweight, she likes to see others fat too. Lamb and dad Mike Thompson stuffed Honey Boo Boo so full of dessert that the waitress looked shocked.

Alana's weight gain since her "Toddlers & Tiaras" days is legendary. Earlier Jennifer fat-shamed Mama June but later admitted her rival looked scary skinny. Was this just an attempt to undermine June's credibility? Or did Lamb stumble upon the anorexia behind Shannon's haggard appearance? Is the reality television mom starving herself? Is the "From Not to Hot" makeover down to a flaming eating disorder?