Loni Love shared with her co-hosts on "The Real" and with the studio audience that she had a miscarriage when she was in her late 20s. She is now 45-years old and on Tuesday, March 21 when she talked about it, she became very emotional. Co-hosts Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry-Housley, and Adrienne Houghton were very consoling.

'Girl Chat' segment

The hosts talked during a segment called, “Girl Chat: I’m Late. Period.” They all talked freely about times when they were afraid they were pregnant. The other hosts kept it together when it was their turn to share.

However, when it was Loni's turn to talk, her friends had no idea that she would share such an emotional experience.

Loni's miscarriage

Loni talked about a time about 25 years ago when she discovered she was pregnant after taking 14 pregnancy tests and visiting a doctor. The comedian and actress was quite transparent when she said the man she was dating was excited, but she was really nervous. She accepted the pregnancy and began to plan for the birth of her baby. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage after eight weeks. At that point in the conversation, Loni broke down in tears about that traumatic experience.

The talk show host's decisions

After that scary feeling, the talk show host decided she never wanted to have that feeling again.

Therefore, she vowed that she would never have children because she believed she let her unborn baby down.

To this day, Loni doesn't have children. She has said many times on the show that she doesn't want to get married. She confessed in a previous discussion that she was married for a short period, but she decided to end it to become an entertainer instead.

In yet another discussion during a "Girl Chat" segment, she confessed she has been engaged four times, but she is happily single and loves her life the way it is.

After Loni's emotional sharing, her co-hosts were shocked and in tears because this was news to them. They had heard her joke about staying single, but they found out about Loni's miscarriage the same time everyone else did on live television.

Loni was brave to share her story. Watch "The Real" each weekday for more "Girl Chat." Check your local listings for the schedule in your area.