Lala Kent has only a couple of appearances left on Vanderpump Rules. She left amid rumors of having an affair with a married man. The star denied the rumors and even claimed the man in her life was a professional athlete. To date, no one has stepped forward to help her clear her reputation and stop the smear campaign of her co-stars.

Lala takes to Twitter to message her man.

A few days ago Lala sent a tweet out to her man. She said that when you have a good guy that you should hang on to him. She followed it up with promising her love forever.

Tonight Lala will appear on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

While there is a possibility she will address the rumors, fans shouldn't get their hopes up. She has been evasive and made excuses as to why his identity has not been revealed since the beginning. This has only made the rumors that her boyfriend is a married man and she is a mistress seem more likely.

Through it, all those close to her think they have identified the mystery man. Rumors say she landed a role in Arsenal with Nicholas Cage by sleeping with a producer. Randall Emmett is one of the producers on the movie, and his name keeps being associated with Lala.

Is it really Randall Emmett?

Randall Emmett is a 45-year-old married man. His wife and mother of his daughter is actress Ambyr Childers.

He and Lala have each posted pics on social media wearing matching bracelets, and there have been many rumors that he is the one that provided the Land Rover for Lala.

With all the controversy around the former SUR hostess, she remains quiet about the identity of her man. While she has repeatedly claimed she is not dating a married man, she has been unable or unwilling to go public with the one she is committed to.

Lala has only a couple of appearances left on Vanderpump Rules. The final will be the season reunion show where it is reported she made peace with some of her co-stars. After the tumultuous relationship she has had with most of them, this alone was an accomplishment.

Tune in to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen tonight to catch Lala Kent!