Kourtney Kardashian, 37, is beginning to rebuild her love life. On Thursday night she had dinner in West Hollywood with a man who is not a celebrity. After ending her relationship (again) with Scott Disick (33), the mom of three decided to give herself a new chance in love. It was rumored that she was dating Justin Bieber (22), but that romance did not thrive. Now it seems "Kourt" wants to date someone who is not a celebrity because she's sick of them, maybe. Nothing is known about the mysterious man who dined with her, but it seemed like a romantic date and not just a friendly meeting.

Fun time

This weekend Kourtney and her sisters Kim, 36, and Khloe, 32, decided to take a road trip to Palm Springs, California, where they had a lot of fun. The reality superstars shared their adventure on social media, where they gave interesting details of their fun journey. The sisters drove a red vintage convertible car (Chevrolet Bel Air), which was the "star" of the trip. The women looked fashionable, as always, and Kourtney is trying to overcome her separation from Disick, and this adventure with her sisters likely boosted her spirits after she was unlucky in love with Scott Disick yet again.

In search of true love

"Kourt" and Disick had a relationship of more than ten years, during which they had three children but never got married because she never wanted to do it.

Disick always had problems with alcoholism and addiction to drugs. She is very different from him, the reality star is vegetarian, abstemious, and practices yoga daily. Their different personalities could have been the cause of their breakup. In addition, he was unfaithful to Kourtney several times, which made their situation worse.

After separating from Disick, the reality star had an affair with Justin Bieber, but they never recognized it publicly.

"Kourt" always believed in love to the point that she dared to drink a magic potion to be lucky in love. All her followers want that potion to work because they want to see her happy.