Ciara is loving life right now. She's in a happy relationship with Russell Wilson, she's a great mother already, and she's about to have another kid. She decided to express the happiness she is feeling these days with a joyous photo shoot that has raised some eyebrows based on the graphic content it features.

Pregnancy pics

The photo shoot was for Harper's Bazaar. The photo of interest, which Ciara posted on her Instagram page, features the pregnant singer cradling her 2-year old son, Future. It isn't immediately clear, but the muscular arms and hands of Wilson can also be seen holding on to Ciara's belly, where their first child together is comfortably resting.

The pictures caused an immediate stir on the Internet. Many people applauded Ciara and her family for being comfortable enough in their skin to share the intimate moment of her family. Others believed the photo was lewd, especially with the 2-year old Future being included in the shoot. The picture also drew immediate comparisons to Beyonce, who announced her pregnancy of twins with a sultry pregnancy photo of her own.

Further ramifications

On the football field, Wilson may come to regret this picture, as it could be used by fans and opponents to taunt him when he lines up to snap the ball each week. During a playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons this year, the rapper Future (and father of baby Future) and Bow Wow were on hand to make Wilson feel unsettled.

It may have had an effect, as the Seattle Seahawks went on to get drubbed by the eventual Super Bowl runner-ups.

Still, Wilson is happy to show how much he loves his wife and the fact that they are going through this pregnancy together. The quarterback spoke extremely glowingly of Ciara in comments made to Harper's Bazaar for the profile of the "1,2 Step" singer.

He has worked hard to take her child from the previous relationship under his arms, and they have become one of the more idolized families in entertainment. Meanwhile, Ciara is expected to give birth in the next month or so.