Kodak Black has managed to find his way back behind bars after violating his House Arrest as well as his probation. According to TMZ, the Rapper had only been released from jail three months prior. It was on Tuesday that Black was booked at the Broward County Jail. The judge cited the rapper for violating a number of conditions regarding his probation as well as his house arrest.

He violated probation and house arrest conditions

TMZ’s sources revealed Kodak was unsuccessful at completing a court-mandated anger management program. The same sources also revealed the rapper violated his house arrest when he stepped away from his house at least twice without getting the permission of his probation officer.

TMZ’s sources have also claimed one of the non-permitted trips away from house was to spend time at a strip club.

It was in December of last year that Kodak got released from jail. He was locked up for both sexual conduct and drug related charges. Fans and media outlets have pointed out the irony of his first single being titled “There He Go” given his current situation behind bars.

Kodak knew he might be arrested again

The rapper knew there was a very real chance that he would be back behind bars when he was driven to his court hearing on Tuesday morning. This was largely because one of his attorneys had informed him there was a warrant out for his arrest. Allan Stephen Zamren – one of the rappers’ attorneys – claimed the rapper was “saddened” to be arrested again.

Kodak Black was prepared to perform in New York on Wednesday and in Philadelphia, Connecticut, and Ohio in the following days. For obvious reasons, these tour dates have been postponed until the rapper is able to sort out his legal affairs.

The rapper is currently being held without bond until his next court hearing which is scheduled for March 10.

His recording label – Atlantic Records – released a statement apologizing for what had happened and reassuring fans that Blacks’ lawyers are working hard to find a solution.

The two criminal charges the rapper faces could have put him behind bars for more than 50 years. He, however, worked out a deal with a judge which reduced his sentence to five years of being on probation as well as one year of being on house arrest. Considering he violated both of the terms from the deal he originally made with the judge, he could be stuck facing several decades of jail time.