kim zolciak may not be a regular on the Bravo series "Real Housewives of Atlanta" anymore, but she sure knows how to stay in the headlines. The mother of six and her husband, Kroy Biermann, are now battling allegations that they failed to pay a $6,000 bill to Seasonal Designs, LLC for “installing and maintaining interior and exterior decorations for their home" in Georgia, according to Radar Online.

Kim Zolciak accused of ignoring the invoice

Radar Online reports Kim and Kroy were sent an invoice at the end of December for the decorating services, but "refused to pay." Then, a lawyer for the company sent a letter stating action would be taken in February if the bill was still not paid.

It seems Zolciak still didn't budge as a formal lawsuit was filed at the beginning of March.

According to documents filed by the company's lawyer, both Kim and Seasonal Designs agreed the cost would be the same as previous years, which obviously implies that the 38-year-old reality star has done business with them before. Radar Online quotes the documents, proving Kim was well aware of the costs beforehand. "...the two parties confirmed that the price for the project would be the same as the previous year and authorization was given for my client to perform the services requested."

The Biermanns are 'stubborn'

Reports state that the Zolciak-Biermann family was very happy with the service as the holiday decorations were featured on social media and television shows.

However, things went south when the couple was given the bill. It's also noted that the decorator reduced the final price from $8,600 to $6,000, but to no avail.

The company's lawyer states Kim and Kroy are being stubborn and causing unnecessary legal trouble, according to Radar Online.

"[The Biermanns] have acted in bad faith, been stubbornly litigious and have caused the [company] unnecessary trouble and expense."

It's not the first time Kim refused to pay her bills

Kim was previously sued for failing to pay both a housekeeper and babysitter.

The court ruled in favor of the housekeeper, but the babysitter's case was dismissed after neither party showed up for court. Of course, "RHOA" fans shouldn't be surprised by Zolciak's current legal troubles as the bubbly blonde is known for her lavish spending habits and controversial decisions—such as not paying her bills.