Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton fell in love on "Bachelor in Paradise." He moved in with her right away, and things didn't end up working for them. After these two split, everyone was a bit shocked, but since then they have been spotted together. Now Josh is giving an update on how things are going.

Josh says it is "complicated."

Josh actually opened up to Us Magazine and shared about what is going on with them now. Josh and Amanda aren't back together, but they aren't totally done either. He shared saying, "It’s complicated right now. I want to take things slow right now.

There’s a lot to work on. There’s a lot that needs to change, and we’re starting to work on that, so we’ll see what happens.” It does sound like they are hoping they can make it work?

Josh Murray did say that they really need to work on things like talking to each other better. Communication is important to him. He also shared that after "Bachelor in Paradise" ended he moved to live with her in California. On the show, Amanda had told him she wanted to move to Atlanta, but that didn't end up happening. Josh is really close to his family, and that is where his life is at right now. In the future, Josh wants his parents around for his kids. It really sounds like living away from his family wasn't something that was going to work for him.

One other thing that Josh misses is Amanda's kids. He says he even wishes he could have taken them back to Atlanta with him. This is one more reason that he would want to work their relationship out. He loves her children and got really close to them while they were together. Right now, he isn't seeing anyone else and is just focusing on Amanda and seeing if it works out.

You never know what is going to happen in the end with these two.

Do you think that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are going to work it out in the end? Do you see these two married eventually? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" coming this summer. Maybe they will end up back there once again.