Due to the series of scandals that Josh Duggar got involved with, there had been many reports that his wife, Anna Duggar has decided to divorce him. People are aware that Anna has all the reasons to let go of his husband but a recent announcement will change that.

Duggar couple rebuilds family

The couple recently shared on the Duggar Family website that they are expecting their fifth child. They said that they silently fixed their marriage despite the trust breach. It appears that their efforts to rebuild their family has succeeded.

After two years of struggle to patch up their family issues, the couple said that "beauty comes from ashes" as they rise up again.

With another addition to their family, many are hoping that Josh will no longer return to his previous doings.

Josh returns home

To recall, Josh checked-in to a faith-based rehabilitation facility in August 2015 after a series of scandals. This obviously broke the hearts of his family which even resulted in the cancellation of their show "19 Kids And Counting." But apparently, Anna felt more pain since Josh was unfaithful to her.

When Josh returned home from the Illinois rehab in March 2016, he did not appear on the small screens or on social media. He was only publicly mentioned by the family when he and Anna celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in September. The post said that the Duggar family is "thankful for God’s redemptive love" for them.

Divorce rumors emerge

But the return of Josh wasn't that smooth at all because even if he kept a low profile, there are many rumors which involved him. Part of this is the never-ending divorce rumors about him and Anna. These rumors were already around even before he entered rehab. But no one from the family confirmed that.

The divorce rumors surfaced once again when he came back home.

Reports are saying that Anna decided to leave him during the wedding of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo back in November 2016. Another thing that sparked the rumors is the alleged meeting of Anna with a divorce attorney.

Well, it appears that the rumors will now finally die since there was no divorce after all. Instead, Josh and Anna Duggar were actually working on their marriage instead of dealing with divorce matters.