Janet Huber portrayed Will Smith's Aunt Vivian Banks, during the first three seasons of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." She was replaced in season 4 by Daphne Maxwell Reid. For 21 years Ms. Huber has continued to complain about being fired from the sitcom. A recent photo shared by Alphonso Ribeiro, who played Carton on the show, has Ms. Huber irate and on the warpath again.

The feud continues

Earlier in the week, Ribeiro who portrayed Carlton on the show posted a photo on social media. The cast of Fresh Prince including Will Smith had gathered at the home of Karyn Parsons, (Hillary Banks).

The reunion was to show support for Ms. Parsons' charity. Only two people were missing, They were James Avery, (Uncle Phil) who passed away and Janet Huber. According to MSN Entertainment, Huber went into a tirade on her Facebook page, after hearing that she was left out of the reunion.

Huber said a lot of unkind things about her former cast mate Alphonso Ribeiro, and referred to the entire cast as "those people." Huber has continued this feud for 21 years, as the other celebrities from "The Fresh Prince" have moved on. Nothing has been said in the press about any of the actors complaining about Huber.

It's time to end the feud

Shortly after Janet Huber was fired from the sitcom, she began voicing her discontent.

She pointed out that she had been in the business for 20 years, but it was a young Will Smith who had his own show. According to early interviews with Smith and Ribeiro, Huber was hard to work with and made things uncomfortable on the set.

Had Huber left the show in good standing and not been replaced, perhaps the other cast members may have included her, in their get together's.

She was fired and replaced by Maxwell Reed. It would probably be very awkward to have two Aunt Viv's in any photo's. Twenty-one years is a long time to hold on to old memories of "the Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

. When you scroll down her Facebook page, you can see that Ms. Huber is a woman in pain. She has several photos's of herself, alongside images of Maxwell Reid who replaced her as Aunt Viv.

The captions are not kind. Huber stated that she would like to end the feud with her former costars, especially Will Smith. Janet Huber is the only one still on this subject 21 years later. The other cast members seem to have already moved on. Perhaps the real feud that needs to be laid to rest is the one in Huber's mind.